The Brett Foundation is also still open and supporting the homeless. We are also supporting children who would normally have a free school meal but run the risk of going hungry during these times and we are helping the elderly in our community who need support with shopping or collecting prescription. We are also (from next week) running virtual coffee mornings and bingo sessions. We are also still working with our partners. The only difference is we have had to change how we operate not only to keep our volunteers safe but also the service users. But we are very much business as usual.


"Give a man a fish and he will feed his family for a day, give him a net and he can feed his children for life"

We believe in not only giving a fish to feed the family, we believe in giving a net, teaching how to fish and supporting until they are able to support themselves and their families for life.

The Brett foundation is a Maidenhead based non for profit charity, supporting the Homeless and families that are living in poverty and those who have fallen on hard times.

Working with Foodshare, our sister charity (co-founded by Susan Brett in 2010) we provide food for those who cant afford to eat every day. The foundation work endlessly to provide temporary shelter for homeless and provide homeless packs which contain items to make living on the streets more bearable.

We work tirelessly with our community volunteers to ensure children living in poverty receive birthday cakes, Easter eggs and Christmas presents. On Christmas Day, we provide meal & shelter, Christmas hamper & presents for those that need it most.


Do you have an hour or so to help shop for an elderly person who isn’t able to go out and get any food? We have a long list of people who really need our help, but not enough people to help them. All these people are referred to is and have no one else to help them. If you can help, please can you send me your phone number so I can text details over to you. Together we can make a difference.

The Brett Bus

We have recently launched our bus!

Howard the Night Bus has been a long time dream of the charity.  To have a shelter which can house the homeless not just during the cold winter months, but all year through.  To be a point of contact between those who wish to change their lives around and those who can help.