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The Brett Foundation’s vision is to eradicate loneliness for people of all ages and gender. We want to be a support to those that need it most, who maybe on the wrong track and in need of a guiding hand. Most of all we want to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry and we want to help those families who cannot afford to buy the essentials to feed their children.

The Brett Foundation provides housing essentials and appliances like cookers and fridges for people who can’t afford them. Working with families providing children’s uniforms, and household items to people who are moving into empty homes. The families supported are normally moving into properties after being homeless. The Foundation, help people fill out application forms and other paperwork and guide them to the CAB and other agencies such as CAP who offer debt advice.

We provide a number of things to the local homeless community, which include;

  • School packs for school children who need school items, that their families cannot afford to purchase
  • Homeless packs, which contain sleeping bags, tents, blankets, BBQ’s, lights, pans, socks, pants and towels.
  • New baby packs, which contain baby clothes, toiletries, nappies, bedding, a Moses basket and baby bouncer seat.

My name is Sue Brett and I am the founder of The Brett Foundation.

The Foundation became its own registered charity in November 2016, after working for six years under the banner of another charity – Maidenhead Foodshare.

It has always been my dream to help the homeless back on their feet, and to bring the community together to help those who struggle in poverty to make things a little easier for them.

I am a dreamer and I like to dream big. But I am also impulsive: I like to try things out and would rather try and fail than not try at all. 

I have four wonderful children, who somehow have become amazing adults (not sure how that has happened as I haven’t aged one bit!) and two dogs and a cat. I have always been an animal lover, and often my poor long suffering husband would go to work in the morning and would find that by evening we had ‘acquired’ another member of the family! At one time we managed to have 27 pets!

I love feeding people and often have a table full of people to feed: especially at Christmas when we normally have various people here who have nowhere else to go.

I can’t really ever imagine myself ‘retiring’ from the charity, but would love to see the day that I can say the charity is no longer needed as there are no more problems!  Did I tell you I was a dreamer?

My name is Katie Brett, I’m 27 and I am a trustee of the Brett Foundation. I became a trustee in January 2017 And haven’t looked back since!

I adore working at the Brett Foundation and making a difference to our service users; they’re definitely my second family and there’s not a lot I wouldn’t do for them!

I work alongside Sue and Dani with the general running of the charity and the running of our centre in King Street. It can be really challenging at times but it’s the most rewarding work.

Our motto at The Brett Foundation is “together we can make a difference” and it’s absolutely true. Without the support of our volunteers, the support of the local businesses and the residents of Maidenhead we wouldn’t have achieved what we have today and we wouldn’t be able to keep striving forward! So thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and who will continue to do so in the future!

Together we’re making a difference!

I’m Daniela and I’m a Trustee of the Brett Foundation.  I’ve been involved with the Brett Foundation since 2015 and started as a volunteer for the shelter that we ran every evening before we lost our premises.  Ever since, Sue and Katie haven’t been able to get rid of me and I’m very much part of the family! 

My day to day role alongside the other trustees includes strategy, budgets, forward thinking and planning for a better future in Maidenhead, alongside social media and PR. 

I have a background in PR and marketing so use these skills in the charity whenever I can.  I’ve lived in Maidenhead my entire life and I will stay a part of the Brett as long as homeless and lonely people in our area need us!

At Easter & Christmas, Easter Eggs & Christmas items are provided, such as a tree, hampers, chocolates, mince pies, Christmas cake, fruit and vegetables, a voucher for meat and presents

Furthermore, The Brett Foundation also provide presents for the elderly who are alone with no living relatives and the homeless. As if that wasn’t enough, Susan Brett also works with the Youth Offenders Team and the youngsters doing community service help out with cooking, wrapping presents at Christmas and helping at the various community meals.