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Howard sleeps 12 at a time, each person having their own bunk on the top of the bed.  The bottom of the bed has a toilet, kitchen area and seating area where people can play games, read, chat or just sit quietly and enjoy being inside in the warm and dry.

There is food available on an evening when guests arrive at 7.30pm and a simple breakfast before the guests leave in the morning at 8am.  Although cooking facilities are limited, the food is hot, nutritious and cooked with love by various volunteers.

Whilst on the bus, there is the opportunity to discuss moving forward either into rehabilitation, a ‘half way home’ or their own accommodation where possible. 

From the bus the guests are guided to our centre for a hot breakfast, warm clothing and anything else they may need. 

The guests are guided to various agencies such as Resiliance who can help with addictions, and the benefits office.  We can assist with an address, so where needed they can register with a doctor and the benefits office.  We can also assist with obtaining a bank account, which is a must when moving people forward. 

We also offer a host of courses, such as budgeting, cooking and personal management as well as skills training to assist with moving into a job. Although there is no time limit to a person staying on the bus, it is and always has been the aims of the charity to move people away from homelessness and into a a home of their own where they can be self sufficient.